S.Jago Designs


Contact Stuart Tel: 01243 783504
                      Mob: 07973295420
3 Beaver Units, Quarry Lane
West Sussex
PO19 8NY

This guys work is the nuts. 
He is a very good friend of mine and has been for about 19 years ish.
Yes the surname will sound familiar to some of you (JAGO JEEPS)

I'm doing Stuart a page on here because I believe some of you will end up having some work done by him when you start to see some of it. 

For those of you that met him at our last meet you will know he's a lovely bloke and a flash git. With his T5 and a 5.1 face lift.
Check out some oh his work in the pictures and see for yourself how good he is.
Yes that is his airbrushing skills.

S.Jago Designs