Useful Links

Garden Sheds
Trojan Timber Products LTD I'm the manager of this place, it's my dad and brother-in-laws business. So that's why it gets top spot. Hopefully I'll get some of you buying some top quality sheds from me.

Sounds The Business Simon is e very old friend of mine, (an old Selsey boy) He has been going for years now and really knows what he's doing. Suzy has always used him too.


Exhaust Systems
Performance Pipes & Tuning I know most of you have got these guy's exhaust systems and i've now joined you. Thought I'd give them a link as Jason was really helpful and a real nice bloke to deal with and it fitted perfectly. 30 minutes from start to finish.

Gray's Garage Suzy And Steve highly recommend Jamie. He has years of vw experience under his belt too.

Other vw clubs
Driftwood VW Club  These guys are a fantastic bunch that a few of us met on the Santa Cruise. They met up with us and made our little convoy grow. Hope to see you all again soon.

Paint Shop/Body work
S Jago Designs for some awesome paintwork. Check out some of his paintwork S.Jago Designs, I'm waiting for more of his pics to come over so i can add some more. Stuart's air brushing is wicked.

Car and van sales
Van Monster Selection of used VW Caddy Vans from Van Monster.

Parts Shops
Dweebz Of Dubs These guys do some real amazing conversions and some even more amazing GRP work from Kitchen units to body styling. Check them out and give them a ring to see if they can help you in any way.
Dubflecta I've purchased sleek flecta's from these guys and they are awesome.
Speed with Design Some wicked bits and bobs on here. Suzy recommended this site.
Vee Dub Transporters Some good stuff on here guys and gals and if you use the forum on here you get free gifts.
Cheshire Motor Caravans Some really really reasonably priced stuff on here.
Veewee This is just air cooled parts here.

Personalised Books
V Wagen These books are wicked i've seen Suzy's with her bus on the front. They really are fantastic.

Dave Warren Images Dave is a lovely bloke and really knows how to use a camera. (unlike me, i can't even remember to take mine with me)

Rock n Roll Beds

Vw Forums  
Golf Gti Forum This was my last project My Nutty Turbo 16v Mk2